Updated: 24th February 2018

Utilizing HoloLens Like A Top Tech White Cane

Microsoft HoloLens allows you to interact with the world about you. Programmers are creating apps for this and there are close to 400 programs already available from the program store although not formally introduced to the masses yet. (What is Hololens?) One such program, created recently, lets people utilize Hololens to navigate the space around them.

The usage of it is fairly straightforward — When a thing was struck by the rays, a sound is emitted from HoloLens. The nearer you get to the object, the louder the sound gets, and vice versa. The program can track therefore if there is an object to the right, the left would not emit a sound that is different than the ideal side of HoloLens. So you have an understanding of what kind of objects surround you you can assign unique sounds. If you want to know just how much you are out of something, you simply say “distance”, along with the program discusses just how far you are from it.  

Another cool feature that this program has (as seen from the movie below) is that you’re able to scan a flight of stairs and find out how many steps there are. When a user moves their head the program creates a sound for each step it finds, hence telling the consumer the whole number of steps they have to go down or up!

What you see from the movie below looks basic (and super cool!)) , but this program definitely has potential. Hopefully this programmer (and many others) will maintain fine-tuning this program for everybody to utilize.