Updated: 25th February 2018

Atheer’s Enterprise AR Platform Now Available on HoloLens via Design Interactive’s Program ” HoloLens : Next Reality

Enterprise augmented reality developer Atheer is bringing its AR alternative for enterprise companies to this HoloLens by means of a joint partnership with fellow AR developer Design Proprietary.

The program, called Augmentor, provides troubleshooting guides to workers through the HoloLens, and even enables specialists to make their own workflows with the cans.

Now, Augmentor driven by Atheer AiR Enterprise, adds the capability through offer cloud service in addition to an internet portal to facilitate easier sharing of information. The solution also has collaboration, allowing users to stream their video feed to specialists in other places.

Picture by Design Interactive/YouTube

“Design Interactive is quite forward-looking [and has] was concentrated on solving problems in a number of the most difficult sectors, such as heavy trucking and the army,” said Soulaiman Itani, the CEO and founder of Atheer, at a announcement. “It’s Design Interactive’s insight from such applications that makes this relationship so reassuring.”

The supplying fills a significant hole in Atheer’s otherwise varied lineup of supported devices, including smartglasses in Vuzix, Epson, ODG, along with Google Glass, among others, in addition to Android tablets.

Picture by Design Interactive/YouTube

“We’re excited about the venture Atheer affords,” said Kay Stanney, CEO of Design Interactive. “Why is Atheer so attractive isn’t only their software, however their hardware experience. Software is made by most competitors. But in Atheer we found a partner that has produced AR hardware also truly knows the whole AR ecosystem that brings value to a customer.”

While the program could be beneficial across numerous industries, Design Interactive and Atheer have set their sights around the car and truck makers. The companies will exhibit that the newly-merged software at the Truck Maintenance Council trade show at Atlanta in March.

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